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Dyvaile is an artist, producer and audio engineer from the south-west of Sweden. 

He's the pioneer in his family as a musician, except from his self-taught accordion playing grandfather.


His sound takes deep inspirations from the peaceful forests of his green home country, blended with an urban bounce of American street culture.

Dyvaile found his gift as a singer while he was singing in school choirs in middle school. MTV had got popular later on in his early teenage years and the interest for singing grew more and more as he got inspired of what he heard coming out of his televison.

The interest grew strong for the groovy R&B/Hip-Hop tracks coming out of the early 2000's, which ended up with a visit at the local music store, where he bought the gear needed for recording vocals and making a digital production to make his own interpretation of the styles he fell in love with. 


The interest for music kept on growing as he later on became a student at the local high school within the music/music production program as a vocalist and audio engineer.


Here he was exposed to a lot of new music he's never heard before and the way of creating it with analog instruments. 


Later on he bought MPC's, synthesizers, records and a record player for sampling, to achieve the same sound and technique in the underground scene of hip-hop but also soul, funk and jazz.  


The sound and mixing techniques kept developing and he decided to take the next step in his career to move out to Los Angeles, where he got his degree in the Associate of Arts program in vocals/audio engineering at Musicians Institute in Hollywood.


We can all make sure that Dyvaile is here to stay with his creative and timeless music he delivers and lives on this earth to do...  

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